Saturday, February 22, 2014

Barnes & Noble news...

"The Eyes of Alexander" by Cynthia Batten is now for sale at Barnes & Noble!

Another excerpt from "The Eyes of Alexander"...

"“That’s for you,” he said, nodding towards the bag.
I picked it up and peeked inside.  It was my prescription! I flushed crimson.
“Now before you get mad at me, remember that I did this for both of us,” Xander explained in an attempt to obviate my wrath.  “The sooner you get started on those, the sooner we can stop using those damn condoms.”
Had the man no shame? I mean, Lucas and Bennett could probably hear him.  Clearly, he didn't feel the need to be discreet about our sex life.  Well, two can play at that game.
“Lucas, thanks so much for getting my birth control pills!” I called out boldly, enjoying the shocked stares from all three men.  Well, I couldn’t see Lucas’ face, but I saw the backs of his ears redden and Bennett briefly turn to gape at me.  I smugly turned to see Xander’s shocked face. 
“You don’t need to respond to my audacious girlfriend, Lucas,” Xander called out and then turned to me.  “As ever, Miss Windsor, you never cease to surprise me.”  He kissed my cheek proudly.
I was proud of myself, too.  My victory swallowed up my embarrassment and I did a pom-poms cheer in my head.  You go girl!"

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Another good review...

My latest review for "The Eyes of Alexander" on Amazon:

4.0 out of 5 stars
Good Read February 15, 2014

 Kim Sowards
Format:Kindle Edition

I like the relationship between Aubrey and Alexander. I will have to say Alexander is a very intense inserting hit sexy character. I did enjoy this read.

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Confusing review

Here's a review I received on Goodreads.  I appreciate all reviews, good, mediocre or bad, but this one confused me.  What does "like this but wanted to it more" mean? I'm assuming she left out a word or two and I have no idea what "too much 50" means.

's review
Feb 11, 14

Liked this but wanted to it more. Not poorly written. Too much 50, too much that seemed really a logic jump where it brought me out of the story to think to myself wow that's really not how real life works. A cute little story though.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Shameless plug for ebay store...

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Coming Soon!

Aubrey Windsor sees a bright future with Alexander Ayes until the darkness engulfs them…

After surviving the unthinkable—escaping the jaws of death and the clutches of a murderous family, Aubrey and Alexander struggle to put the jagged pieces of their lives back together.

Determined to bury the past, they renew their commitment to each other and normalcy.  Alexander goes back to work and Aubrey embarks on an exciting career as a writer.  Exploiting domesticity and new sexual scenarios, their exorbitantly thrilling life is fleeting.  Aubrey is plagued by a jilted therapist, a lecherous hoodlum and a stalker on a misguided and warped mission to even a score.

As Alexander attempts to protect the only woman he’s ever loved, and Aubrey wrestles with her love for a man who continues to exert control and harbor secrets, unexpected circumstances set events in motion that is life changing for both of them…

The Eyes of Aubriana is the second book of the compelling sensual series, the Eyes Trilogy.

Paperback covers

Aubrey Windsor did not see Alexander Ayes coming, but he could see right through her…

Working for the successful, gorgeous and brilliant publishing CEO is thrilling, but also intimidating.  Drawn to Alexander even though he possesses a gift for reading people and a curse for controlling them, a young and inexperienced Aubrey is sucked into his enigmatic world.

But that world comes with a high price; dealing with his tortured past and facing their dangerous future.

White-hot sex blooms into a love that begins to heal damage from Alexander’s tormented childhood, but their bright future is darkened when a killer with pent-up rage emerges.  After barely escaping with their lives, the couple must now combat an unknown evil before the next attempt is deadly…

The Eyes of Alexander is the first book of the compelling sensual series, the Eyes Trilogy.