Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Meet My Characters

So I just read a blog post about the author's book's main characters and thought I'd share my main characters, too.

Let's start with my first book, "Fire In The Mix":

Veronica Hunter
This is a picture of a Victoria's Secret model but this is how I pictured Veronica.  Veronica is fiery, outspoken and independent, but she's also somewhat innocent, damaged and lost.  Deep down all she wants is to feel worthy and be loved.  She hides behind the wall of hurt she's created because of a man she'd deeply admired and respected crushed her dreams, but most importantly, her heart.  She won't give in, even when the same man waltzes back into her life as if nothing happened.  She's stubborn and resolute that he won't stomp on her heart again.  But with time, Gabriel Savage opens her eyes that he's changed and she can finally let the ice walls melt and her hardened heart thaw so she could finally obtain what she's always wanted.

Gabriel Savage
This is my Gabriel or I wish he was! Another photo I "borrowed" from the internet.  Gabriel is a bad boy rock star. Women adored him and threw themselves at him.  He was used to getting what he wanted.  He took and didn't care who got hurt.  It was his life--music, women and partying and it worked for him--for a while.  It had taken him to the top--his band and music were world renown, but there was always something missing and he didn't know what it was until he ran into Veronica Hunter again.  He couldn't remember her or their past at first--there had been so many women over the years--but when it came back to him, he knew that he'd have to atone for his past sins so he could have a future; a future with her.  If she'd only forgive him.

There are some other characters--Veronica's ex-husband, Toby and her ex-best friend, Darcy and current best friend, Maryann and Gabriel's best friends, Mitch and Jesse, but I'll let you read the book to find out about them.

Fire In the Mix can be purchased on Amazon here:

Moving on to my current romance novel, "The Eyes of Alexander"

Aubrey/Aubriana Windsor
The first photo on the left is a photo of Elizabeth Harnois from CSI and the photo on the right is a stock photo I'm using for my book cover.  I picture Aubrey to look like Elizabeth, but have the hair style and color of the model on the right. Aubrey is naive, innocent and gullible but is also independent, headstrong and not afraid to speak her mind. She's not ready for a relationship yet because she's concentrating on obtaining a career in the publishing field. But that all changes when she develops an overwhelming attraction to the man who interviews her; the wealthy owner and soon to be boss, Alexander/Xander Ayes.  Working for him, she's suddenly faced with dealing with a man who's complicated and cruel at times, and she won't let him get away with it.  It's an ultimate struggle between professional and passion, respect and desire, changing his harsh ways and learning how to grow up, and suddenly having a life she'd never dreamed was possible.

Alexander/Xander Ayes
This is the beautiful Australian model, David Gandy aka Alexander/Xander Ayes.  I wrote my character around this photo.  This is Xander to the tee. He's beautiful yet complicated, a man ravaged by his past, changed into a sometimes heartless, but brilliant boss and a insecure and damaged man by his cruel, abusive father.  He'd worked hard to become the successful businessman he was and he had no problem getting women, but he kept an arms-length from them, not wanting a marriage like his parents.  But when Aubrey Windsor exploded into his life, everything he'd known for a certainty was now uncertain.  She changed everything.  Her beauty, her unfiltered mouth--she wouldn't allow him to bully her like he did without everyone else--and the way she made him want to change, to be a better man for her. Her love transformed him into everything he'd never thought he could be.

I won't share on Aubrey's best friend and sister, Natalie, Xander's best friend, Max or anyone else because again, you need to read the book.

The Eyes of Alexander can be purchased here:

Sunday, April 20, 2014

KDP issue

Did I mention that KDP Select (Amazon's Kindle Publication ebook division) forced me to remove my book from Smashwords and their distributors which includes Barnes & Noble and Sony? They don't want me to sell my book on any other ebook venues.  It's frustrating, especially since I sold 29 downloads of my first book, "Fire In The Mix" on Smashwords and I know I'd have at least that many sales for "The Eyes of Alexander". But I didn't want Amazon to pull my book since they are the main draw for my sales so I did as they asked. I'm hoping they will change that rule in the future.  What are they afraid of? Healthy competition? They are the big guys, garnering the lion's share of sales, they shouldn't be afraid of the "little guys".  At least I had my book on Smashwords for a short time.  Who knows? Maybe that made a difference.

Book update

Still working on book promotion.  Sales have slowed somewhat through Amazon, but they're still coming and the reviews have been great.  It's such a rewarding feeling to know all my hard work paid off and that despite my doubts, people actually like my book! Working on editing Book #2 and currently rewriting Chapter 21.  It's been fun but tedious.  I'm hoping to release this book within the next three months.

Review Number 5...

Another great review.  *giddy*!  Thanks, Donna!
4.0 out of 5 stars Great Book 4.5 stars April 15, 2014
By Donna
Format:Kindle Edition
I read this in a matter of no time, I could not put down. If you can handle issue of abuse and when I say it, it was emotional and physical and they way Mrs. Batten wrote this you could feel all emotions and feelings coming from the page, I couldn't help but cry too. Alexander is so missed up by abuse( I will not spoil it so read it) and Aubrey has her own strengths and I like that she wasn't made out to be weak. The sparks fly between them and you could almost feel it. There are something's I don't like, but I hope that in the next book I will get my answers The Eyes of Aubriana and then there is one more. I love how Mrs. Batten did not leave us with a cliff hanger, that makes all of us cringe till the next one, but thankfully she did right be us readers. Thanks Mrs. Batten for a great book and can't wait till next one.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Another positive review and another shot to my ego...

Another awesome review!!! Whoop whoop!!!
D. FLACK says: Loved this book. Alexander reminds me a lot of Christian Grey. Can't wait til the Eyes of Aubriana comes out!!