Sunday, April 20, 2014

KDP issue

Did I mention that KDP Select (Amazon's Kindle Publication ebook division) forced me to remove my book from Smashwords and their distributors which includes Barnes & Noble and Sony? They don't want me to sell my book on any other ebook venues.  It's frustrating, especially since I sold 29 downloads of my first book, "Fire In The Mix" on Smashwords and I know I'd have at least that many sales for "The Eyes of Alexander". But I didn't want Amazon to pull my book since they are the main draw for my sales so I did as they asked. I'm hoping they will change that rule in the future.  What are they afraid of? Healthy competition? They are the big guys, garnering the lion's share of sales, they shouldn't be afraid of the "little guys".  At least I had my book on Smashwords for a short time.  Who knows? Maybe that made a difference.

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