Monday, August 25, 2014

Sexy can be sexy except when it's not

I just read a blog post on Right Angle about writing sex scenes and it made me think.  They mentioned that writing a bad sex scene is easy but a good one is hard (no pun intended!) and I tend to agree.  I shy away from anything sounding too bodice-ripperish when I write sex scenes.  I won't use man root, rod, manhood, globes, mound, sex, etc. for the body parts and try to stay away from throb (I use that sparingly), pulse (I have used that some), cum, ejaculate, etc.  I use passion/passionately, urgent and lust sparingly, leaning instead towards ardor, ardent, fervor, etc.which I think are more elegant and less used.  I use my Thesaurus a lot when writing, but especially when writing sex scenes.  You want to be somewhat imaginative without being laughed at or scoffed at.  I have used organ and member in my latest book series though just because I'm writing without using the usual "cock" and "dick" and have to get creative.  I've also used "length" and "girth", but mostly I use "erection".  The woman's anatomy in these book series is referred to as her opening or occasionally "vagina".  I use that sparingly since it's too clinical.  I also rarely use "penis" but it will appear if needed.

I am guilty of using fuck a lot just because it's sexy.  Making love is a little more wimpy and connotates love over passion but it's still worthy of inclusion depending upon the context.  "I'm going to throw you down on the bed and make love to you" is less sexy than "I'm going to throw you down on the bed and fuck you." You can even add "senseless" for further effect which I have done.  You could say, though, "Let's go inside and make love."  That sounds a bit more romantic.  It's all about context, content and what you want conveyed.

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