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Thursday, October 15, 2020

 Alternate summary for The Eyes of Alexander:

What’s more dangerous? Falling in love with your unpredictable boss or fleeing from a killer?

Young, inexperienced Aubrey knows hot successful publishing tycoon Alexander Ayes holds the key to her professional future, but when he freely offers her the position as his assistant, she hesitates.  He intimidates her—he is the CEO of one of the largest publishing firms in Portland; he mystifies her—his natural ability to read everyone but her, at least some of the time; and he’s an enigma—he can be angry one moment, lighthearted the next.   But most of all, he’s the type of man she never thought she’d fall for—complicated.

Ultimately unable to resist his magnetic pull, once Aubrey begins working for Ayes, she discovers his need to control knows no bounds.   When she stands up to him when no one else dares, she gains his respect and a promise to change behaviors inherited from a tyrannical father.  Their chemical connection culminates in explosive sessions of unrestrained sex at home and in the office.   Just when the couple finds contentment in their sometimes volatile, yet amorous relationship, a killer with pent-up rage emerges out of nowhere.  After barely escaping with their lives, they ban together to uncover clues before the next attempt is deadly.

The Eyes of Alexander is the first book of the compelling sensual series, The Eyes Trilogy.