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Aubrey Windsor did not see Alexander Ayes coming, but he could see right through her…

Working for the successful, gorgeous and brilliant publishing CEO is thrilling, but also intimidating.  Drawn to Alexander even though he possesses a gift for reading people and a curse for controlling them, a young and inexperienced Aubrey is sucked into his enigmatic world.

But that world comes with a high price; dealing with his tortured past and facing their dangerous future.

White-hot sex blooms into a love that begins to heal damage from Alexander’s tormented childhood, but their bright future is darkened when a killer with pent-up rage emerges.  After barely escaping with their lives, the couple must now combat an unknown evil before the next attempt is deadly…

The Eyes of Alexander is the first book of the compelling sensual series, the Eyes Trilogy.


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Aubrey Windsor sees a bright future with Alexander Ayes until the darkness engulfs them…

After surviving the unthinkable—escaping the jaws of death and the clutches of a murderous family, Aubrey and Alexander struggle to put the jagged pieces of their lives back together.

Determined to bury the past, they renew their commitment to each other and normalcy.  Alexander goes back to work and Aubrey begins a new career as a writer at home.  Exploiting domesticity and new sexual scenarios, their exorbitantly thrilling life is fleeting.  Aubrey is plagued by a jilted therapist, a lecherous hoodlum and a stalker on a misguided and warped mission to even a score.

As Alexander attempts to protect the only woman he’s ever loved, and Aubrey wrestles with her love for a man who continues to exert control and harbor secrets, unexpected circumstances set events in motion that is life changing for both of them…
The Eyes of Aubriana
 is the second book of the compelling sensual series, the Eyes Trilogy.


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Will her icy resistance deter his hot pursuit?

PAST:  Fire Meets Ice

He looked familiar, but why? Gabriel Savage exploded onto the scene taking lingerie manager/wannabe clothing designer Veronica Hunter by surprise. The rogue who had claimed her innocence and forever changed her life was back as the same sexy, charming, egotistical rock star. Except—something about him was different. Could he have changed?

PRESENT:  Slow Burn

Gabriel had come face to face with a beautiful ice princess and he was shocked at her obvious disdain for him. He wasn't used that. Most women found him irresistible; eagerly hopping into his bed and claiming their undying love. This one was different somehow. She was a challenge and she seemed to know him, but he didn't know who she was, and worse—she wouldn't tell him.

FUTURE:  Blazing A Trail

Trying to fight, but ultimately losing, their magnetic pull towards each other, fires that had lain dormant were now blazing hot and unquenchable. But when heartbreak, jealousy and doubts collide with their raw, undeniable and overwhelming passion, can they put aside their past and mix fire with love?

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