Saturday, January 25, 2014

Excerpts from "The Eyes of Alexander":

"I’m not like him, Aubriana.”
What? “What do you mean?”
“That’s what you were thinking, right? That you need to be wary of me, too?”
What could I say? I had no words.  He had stolen mine.
Bending down, he whispered hotly in my ear, “You deserve better than that jerk.  You deserve to be cherished; I would cherish you."
* * * 
As I spun around, the world spun, too; at least my world.  Breathtaking described the man smirking at me.  Surely Mr. Ayes just finished a photo shoot for the cover of GQ.  Dazzling blue eyes were a brilliant contrast against what appeared to be a navy Prada or Gucci navy wool suit, stark white dress shirt and cobalt blue horizontally-striped tie, and his dark head of hair ruffled into a sexy mess made my fingers envious they hadn't been the cause.
* * *  
When we did meet face-to-face, it was five minutes past the eight o'clock sharp start time.  Ava was sitting behind my desk staring at the computer screen while Mr. Intimidating Ayes leaned against its front casually, arms crossed, legs outstretched, acrimonious demeanor.  Of course he was pissed.  Although expected, it was still not easy to accept, especially from a man who was too hot for my own good.  He was sex wrapped in a suit and my body knew it.
* * *  
Turning the key in the lock, we stepped inside to the sounds of sex coming from Natalie’s bedroom.  Oh no! Oh shit! Natalie!
 Eyes wide, a heated blush quickly spreading over my face and body, I glanced up at Xander.  He was clearly amused.  “I take it you have company.”
“Oh God, my sister.  I’m guessing she reunited with her ex-boyfriend.  Do you want to go or should I interrupt them?”
“This is what I want,” Xander rasped.  Dropping the bag to the floor, his hands caught my face, pulling my mouth to his, an eager tongue tangling with mine in an explosive kiss.
He was finally kissing me! Nirvana was the name of a band and my state of mind as Xander's kiss rocked my world.
We separated to garner air, breathless and wanting more, or at least I did—lots more.
“I’m sorry,” he interrupted.  “I just heard them and . . . it made me want to kiss you.”

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