Sunday, March 9, 2014

Life of an author...

Hi guys... I haven't forgotten you... I've been busy promoting my book, working as an office manager and selling on ebay and proofreading/editing my second book, "The Eyes of Aubriana."  I was bummed when I got the email the other day from Amazon telling me I had to quit selling on Smashwords because it's a conflict of interest.  I guess their contract states that you can't sell online with anyone but them.  Well, that's too bad, but at least I know the majority of my book sales have come from them so I guess I'm okay with it. I still only have three reviews on Amazon and one on Goodreads.  I wish I had more so I can find out what people really think of my book.  If anyone wants to comment here, I'd be more thrilled to hear them.

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