Saturday, May 10, 2014

Books & Buttons

"...and my books are like friends that I come back to at night." ~Cynthia Batten

I just finished watching for the second time, "The Curious Life of Benjamin Button".  It's one of the few academy award movies that I loved.  I was enthralled from beginning to end both times I've watched it.  It reminded me of "Forrest Gump" in the sense that Benjamin was a man struggling with an ailment and he had struggles in his life, too.  But he also had joys and those are what he tended to focus on.  I loved watching the movie from Benjamin's eyes and the way he found joy in almost everything in life.  It made me want to be more optimistic and more appreciative of things I take for granted or don't give credit to.  And although the ending was sad, it was still triumphant because for the most part, he lived how he wanted to live despite the hand life had dealt him.

Anyway, after watching that movie, I turned off the television like I do most nights and got on the computer and the above quote was born out of feeling the sense of coming home to my writing.  I can once again meet my characters on the page and mold and shape them however I want.  They are my friends and I'm happy to share them, but right now, I must get back to them.  :)

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